Review of Saffron Rouge – Organic Beauty Store

With all the “natural” choices in the market, you would ask: Why buy Saffron Rouge products? Well, here’s why… Saffron Rouge sells Organic products that contain organic certified or certified biodynamic ingredients and are free of questionable, synthetic or potentially toxic ingredients. They have the largest  selection of Organic Beauty products on the web, over […]

Sanex Natur Protect: A Natural Choice

With all the different deodorants in the market and all the information about them containing harmful ingredients…Do you ever wish you had a natural product that was safe for your entire family? Sanex Natur Protect deodorant offers

Natural Beauty Summit 2009, November 23rd and 24th in Paris

It’s time for The Natural Beauty Summit Paris 2009. It is considered a touchstone event for representatives of this industry and  has dealt with, since it’s founding in 2007, major international developments of the cosmetic industry in terms of natural products and sustainable development. This year’s fourth  Natural Beauty Summit  Europe will take place on […]

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit 2009 in Frankfurt

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will be held this year in Frankfurt on November 16th and 17th. It’s objective will be to bring together key stake-holders in the beauty industry, as well as cosmetic manufacturers, ingredients & raw material companies, retailers & distributors, certification agencies, packaging companies, industry organizations, academics & researchers, investors & financiers and […]

Organic Label Claims

The demand for natural and organic products and cosmetics is rapidly growing, and at the same speed grows the interest of companies that provide products that aim to be “green.” Consumer’s main concern is the amount of information available, true or false, on daily use home, personal hygiene products and even food that may be […]

Aluminum: Another Hoax?

For years an email has been circulating claiming that deodorant use is one of the leading causes of breast cancer. According to this information, deodorants and antiperspirants avoid toxins in the body to be eliminated in sweat in the underarm area. Causing these toxins to accumulate in the lymph glands under the arm, thus, causing […]

The best Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

Pierce Mattie, the PR group for a lot of beauty companies, has its own list of top 10 cosmetic ingredients for 2009. According to the company, In 2009 the focus will no longer just being about green or all natural, but about specific ingredients and their benefits. Here’s a look at the ingredients that made […]

Lead in Lipstick

A new study shows that the amounts of lead in lipstick are higher than  thought. The first report on the subject came out into the light in 2007 when the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released, “A Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipstick,” after that the FDA promised to run its own testing. After […]