Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Set for New York, March 2010

With sustainability coming to the forefront because of concerns about climate change, and coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Organic Monitor announced the details of its new Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is a series of international summits that focuses on the leading issues the beauty industry faces concerning sustainability, natural, […]

‘Nu Natural’ & ‘Mood Enhancing’ Cosmetics Predicted to Dominate the Market in 2010

The cosmetics industry faced a challenging and difficult year in 2009.  Fueled by economic crisis, decreased consumer confidence, and the push for innovation and development of organic and environmentally friendly products, beauty brands were and will continue to be forced to find more innovative ways to attract new customers and keep their old ones.  As […]

Wearing Cosmetics that are Highly Nutritional

Everywhere you look products are being labeled certified organic and 100% natural. But as we have seen and reviewed on this Web site, not all natural cosmetics are safe or in fact actually natural. So, lets go one step further and examine natural cosmetics that are not only safe, but are also nutritional. Nutritional cosmetics, […]

5 Dangerous Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

To the trustworthy, non-concerning consumer, “natural” has a direct association with safe.  Although ingredients may be natural, that does not mean they are safe.  In order to get to the bottom of this, and to find out which ingredients are safe, and which pose a certain health risk, I reviewed the book, “Volume 1 of […]

Now Men Can Use Organic Cosmetics Too

With the evolution of the metro-sexual male a new market has evolved.  The fashion industry and cosmetics alike have begun expanding, changing and developing new products and brands specifically created to target the fashion/beauty conscious male. Ten years ago if you told me that men were using beauty products, or spending $200 on a pair […]