What Everyone Ought to Know About Crystal Deodorant Stones

Crystal Deodorant is a seemingly interesting product that in its own right is jumping on the natural bandwagon. An entirely natural deodorant made from mineral salt, crystal deodorant can come in many forms, including a spray, stick, powder, and stone, though always starting with a singular mineral crystal. The mineral crystal of choice for crystal […]

Crystal Deodorant Stone – Natural or Not?

The natural cosmetic industry is growing increasingly rapid pace. You can walk into any pharmacy, department store, or grocery store and find a wide selection of natural cosmetic products. From skin care to make-up, deodorants to shampoos, there is now a natural product for ever synthetic product. And lately, there has been a lot of […]

Natural Deodorant Stone that Really Works

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion in the natural skin care and beauty products industry regarding natural deodorant stones, also know as crystal deodorant or rock deodorant.  I did a little research online, as well as talked to some industry reps and consumers alike, and everyone seemed to have a different opinion about […]

In-cosmetics Celebrates 20 Years with Exhibition in Paris

13-15 April 2010 Paris Porte de Versailles Celebrating twenty years of showcasing new developments and innovations within the cosmetics and personal care industry, In-cosmetics is hosting their annual show on April 13-15, 2010, in Paris. With the aim of bringing together leading cosmetics suppliers, R&D, production and marketing specialists, In-cosmetics showcases a range of new […]

Mineral Makeup – The Next Big Craze

Given celebrities’ continual exposure to media, paparazzi, bad lighting, chemical peels, and the likes of, they are always looking for the next big thing in looking better and younger—at whatever cost. The next big craze – mineral makeup, and Madonna, Paris Hilton, Julia Roberts all swear by it. Made from finely milled natural minerals such […]

How Healthy is Your Makeup?

It seems that the everyday consumer plays into the hand of the tactful marketers and does not look at the ingredients contained in their products. And when a product claims to be healthy, or provide a health benefit, whether it be for you skin, hair, etc, it is all the more reason to closely examine […]

Natural Cosmetics in Your Pantry

More and more we hear stories about people making their own natural cosmetics from easily accessible, cheap products.  So, we decided to prepare a list of natural cosmetic ingredients that you may find in your pantry and the potential benefits they may provide. Apples Not many know this, but apples have a lot of vitamin […]