Japan’s Largest Cosmetic Manufacturer Aquires Bare Escentuals

The market leading mineral makeup Bare Escentuals has accepted a buyout offer by Shiseido of Japan for $1.7 billion. The acquisition of Bare Escentuals will allow Shisedio, Japan’s largest cosmetic manufacturer, to utilize their already existing global reach and expand the mineiral-based cosmetic portfolio. The Bare Escentuals’ brand will remain the same and will immediately […]

UK Cosmetic Market Spurred by Natural Ingredients & Functional Cosmetics

As consumers continually seek natural ways to look and feel younger, manufacturers are also doing the same. Biotivia, a large UK based natural skincare supplier, is capitalizing on new consumer demands for natural ingredients, and has announced a new natural anti aging skin cream to their line of natural skincare products. Traditionally, chemical-based cosmetics have […]

6 Steps to Verify a Natural Label

Marketers and manufacturers are working overtime to deceive consumers and trick them into thinking that a product is natural, all natural, pure, chemical free, or fragrance free, while the product is actually full of chemicals.  However, it is true that many natural products do include natural ingredients, but usually in part with other unnatural ingredients.  […]

Misleading “Natural” Claims

More than 98% of supposedly “natural” products in the US are making potentially false or misleading claims, according to a study performed by TerraChoice, an environmental consulting firm. The study of nearly 4,000 consumer products discovered unverifiable information and blatant lies regarding their claim to be 100% natural, all natural, organic, or otherwise environmental friendly. […]

The Science Behind Natural Crystal Deodorants

Crystal deodorants are becoming an area of focus lately at Natural Cosmetic News, mainly due to their increasingly popularity, and the confusion and conflicting information available online.  This post is dedicated to understanding how natural crystal deodorants work, and how they differ from traditional deodorants and antiperspirants. To begin understanding natural crystal deodorants, first it […]