FTC Will Revise “Green” Product Claims Guide

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has purposed revisions to the agency’s “Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims,” commonly known as the Green Guides. The guides were developed to help marketers avoid making misleading product and environmental claims, and provide specific guidance about certain green claims. During the FTC regulatory review of the […]

Whole Foods Implements New Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for Personal Care Products

Whole Foods Market, the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic products, announced that the responsible packaging guidelines for nutritional supplements and personal care products went into effect on September 1st. The new guidelines apply to all of its more than 2,100 body care and supplement suppliers, and require compliance for new vendors before their […]

First Suppliers of Functional Cosmetic Ingredients Awarded NaTrue Label

The NaTrue-Label for Natural and Organic Cosmetics has recently certified Botanica, Cognis, Dishman and DSM, becoming the first suppliers of functional cosmetic ingredients to gain raw material certificaiton.  NaTrue is an international certification that meets highly critical criteria and standards.  Besides water, certified products contain only natural ingredients, derived natural ingredients and nature-identical ingredients. NaTrue […]

List of 15 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Personal Care Products

The US personal care and cosmetic industries greatly lack oversight and regulation. In today’s climate it is necessary to arm yourself with the essential knowledge to be your own product police. Unfortunately, this is what it has come down to.  Companies put their bottom line before the well-being of their consumers’, and load their products […]

Cosmetic Ingredients from the Sea

The Earth is made up of more than 70% water, so it comes as no surprise that manufacturers are searching for new sources of ingredients from oceans and fresh water sources. In fact, it is more startling that companies have not found more ways to use the abundance of sea plants in cosmetic formulations. So, […]

DSM Acquires Microbia for Renewable Resource Technology

DSM, a leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids and other chemicals to the personal care industry has acquired Microbia, Inc., from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Microbia is an industrial biotechnology research and development specialist. According to DSM, it has developed an effective technology platform that enables it to produce high-quality, natural carotenoids (including β-carotene and canthaxanthin), nutritional […]

The Future of Cosmetic Ingredients: Science + Nature

Now more than ever beauty brands want to appeal to the naturally conscious consumer while continuing to make an effective product.  It is the combination of nature and science topped with an eco-friendly mentality that will successfully guide products into the future. Some brands are expecting to see the ‘Nu Natural’ trend take effect in […]

Make Your Own Natural Personal Care Products with 5 Easy Recipes

The personal care market is flooded with harmful chemicals and misleading statements. With the lack of regulatory oversight in the US personal care and cosmetic market, you can never be too careful when using unnatural products. So, if you feel like avoiding all concern of harmful ingredients or spending your hard earned doe on natural […]

Dangerous Chemicals in Deodorant & Antiperspirant: A Detailed Review of the Chemicals, Research & Avoidance Tips

The personal care industry has been hijacked by misleading messages and outright false advertising. More concerning is that companies are putting their profits before the health and well-being of their consumers. While the FDA is slow to react and enforce regulation that could ban harmful ingredients, consumers continue to use their “trusted” products. Deodorants and […]

FDA Sends Strong Signal to Cosmetic Executives

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is intent on using its authority to bring criminal charges against corporate executives at companies that seem to be flouting the FDA’s rules. Over the past thirty years the FDA has done little to prosecute companies breaking their rules. In light of recent high-profile recalls, product safety lapses are […]