What Everyone Ought to Know About Crystal Deodorant Stones

Crystal Deodorant is a seemingly interesting product that in its own right is jumping on the natural bandwagon. An entirely natural deodorant made from mineral salt, crystal deodorant can come in many forms, including a spray, stick, powder, and stone, though always starting with a singular mineral crystal. The mineral crystal of choice for crystal […]

Natural Cosmetics in Your Pantry

More and more we hear stories about people making their own natural cosmetics from easily accessible, cheap products.  So, we decided to prepare a list of natural cosmetic ingredients that you may find in your pantry and the potential benefits they may provide. Apples Not many know this, but apples have a lot of vitamin […]

Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Care Benefits

This oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree fruit which grows in few areas, one of which is Morocco. One of its species, the Argania which once covered North Africa is now endangered and under UNESCO’s protection. It is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal value. The amount of oil produced […]

The Ideal Natural Ingredient: Avocado

We have mentioned before the unlimited benefits that our skin can gain from using natural ingredients in natural and organic skin care products.  From moisturizing to nurturing the skin, these ingredients are the new boom in the natural cosmetic industry.  One of these ingredients is avocado oil. Oil found in avocados is rich, has extremely […]

Brighten Your Skin Naturally With Papaya Fruit

It’s amazing how many of the products that we eat everyday do not only benefit our bodies on the inside but also on the outside. And by that I don’t mean “we are what we eat” but more “we are what we put on our face”. Currently it is easier to incorporate natural and organic […]

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Green Tea

People know that green tea has a reputation for being a drink with multiple benefits to your health. But what you may not know is how the effects of this beverage can also benefit your skin. Natural cosmetics companies are adding green tea to their product to enhance their effects. Studies in green tea have […]

Body Balm Ingredients – Guide to Natural Beautiful Skin

Why do you really look at labels on skin products? Are you interested in the ingredients used or the effects they will ahem on your body? Allow me to give you a list of the most indulging natural ingredients used in body balm, that will not only make your skin look beautiful but will replenish […]

“Forever Young” using Algae

As you may have surely heard natural cosmetics is a growing industry manufacturing products with, sometimes, the best raw materials found in our environment. One of those raw materials is not found inland, but at sea. Skin care companies are finding a new light in processing products using marine active based elements extracted , most […]

The Powerful Noni Plant and Skin Care

Although Noni plant  (Morinda citrifolia) is not new product, it is being widely recognized for its medicinal and regenerative value in the skin care market. The noni plant is assumed to have originated in Southeast Asia. It is believed that French Polinesians took the noon plant with them when they colonized the islands of the […]

On The Hunt For Real Natural Cosmetics

When looking to improve your life style and to buy “greener”, there are some things you should look for in personal care products labelled as “natural”. Specially when many of them are not really natural. Here are some suggestions to help you on your “natural” cosmetic hunt : 1. Read the information written on the […]