Is This Really 100% Natural?

The natural cosmetic industry does not have uniform guidelines as to what to call natural. The guidelines for manufacturing, labeling, and marketing that exist differ from one country to the next, offering some insecurity about what consumers buy. That is why some organizations such as the National Consumers League ( are making an effort to […]

The Most Popular Natural Preservatives

Although some may say no preservatives are the best choice, here’s a list of the most popular natural preservatives used today.  Some you might have heard of before, others you might have no idea what they could be used for. Neem Oil – Neem is one of the most powerful oils on the market today. […]

The best Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

Pierce Mattie, the PR group for a lot of beauty companies, has its own list of top 10 cosmetic ingredients for 2009. According to the company, In 2009 the focus will no longer just being about green or all natural, but about specific ingredients and their benefits. Here’s a look at the ingredients that made […]