6 Steps to Verify a Natural Label

natural label

Marketers and manufacturers are working overtime to deceive consumers and trick them into thinking that a product is natural, all natural, pure, chemical free, or fragrance free, while the product is actually full of chemicals.  However, it is true that many natural products do include natural ingredients, but usually in part with other unnatural ingredients.  This is why that Natural Cosmetic News has derived a 6 step process to determine on your own if the product is in fact natural.

Step 1:

Don’t trust the label as fact.  Understand that just cause it says natural, does not mean it really is. The term “natural” is unregulated, and companies are not required by law to prove the product’s natural origin or percentage of natural ingredients.

Step 2:

Shop with a discerning eye.  Trust your gut.  If it is too good to be true it most likely is, and the claim is just advertising hype.

Step 3:

Read the ingredients carefully.  Fake natural products often will have a long list of ingredients full of chemicals that may be harmful.

Step 4:

Compare similar products.  Look at the ingredients of one product that claims to be natural and one that does not, and see if there are any differences.

Step 5:

Research the product.  How is it made and/or processed?  What is the origin and source of the “natural” ingredients?

Step 6:

When in doubt check with a health professional.

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