NPA Certifies 300 Natural Personal Care Products

npa natural personal care product sealThe Natural Product Association (NPA) natural certification program is now 300 products strong and growing. NPA is now the leading third party certified natural seal of approval for personal care products in the United States.

The natural personal care market is full of brands misleading consumers to think their products are natural or organic when in fact only a small fraction of the ingredients used are of natural or organic origin. With the NPA’s certified natural seal of approval personal care products can now convey a message of authenticity and trust to consumers who want truly natural products.

The two year old natural standard certification program certifies products that follow strict guidelines which state that products must be made up of at least 95 percent natural ingredients that come from a renewable or plentiful source found in nature (floral, fauna, mineral). Additionally, non-natural ingredients are allowed only when viable natural alternative ingredients are unavailable and only when there are absolutely no suspected potential human health risks. Products cannot use animal testing beyond what is required by law.

“The demand for natural products continues to grow – even in the face of the recession,” said John Gay, NPA’s executive director and CEO. “Consumers are more and more concerned about the quality and purity of the products they use every day. We are delighted to provide this important service to those looking for truly natural products, and to retailers and manufacturers who want to fill that need.”

NPA also certifies ingredients as natural. These 100-percent natural ingredients can be used by manufacturers to develop products that are in compliance with the natural standard. Currently, there are 100 certified natural ingredients.

The full criteria, certified products list, certified ingredients list, and NPA’s natural certification program for home care products, can be found at

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3 Responses for “NPA Certifies 300 Natural Personal Care Products”

  1. I agree your viewpoint. My experience has shown your views to be true, however I have also read the opposite from different sites like this one. Do you have any recommendations for getting more savvy ideas on natural health or related topics? I would most appreciate it!

  2. I would like to be certified as an organic preservative. How do I go about it? Where do I send the sample for analysis and verification of properties. I have an EPA certification on the properties of the
    water. I want to present it to cosmetic and skin care manufacturer as an organic preservative. Your
    Cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you and all the best.

  3. well said and written, hopefully consumer’s awareness will increase about those points and more people will really want to see the certification

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