Practical Green Beauty Predicted as New Trend for 2011

natural and organic health and beauty trendsThe popularity of natural health and beauty products has risen steadily over the past decade.  Consumers are now more aware of the ingredients in their products and the impact they have on the environment. Naturally, this has led to an increase of companies making green claims, but that is not to say they all are genuine. Nonetheless, as we pull out of recessionary times, and look towards the future, 2011 shines bright on down-to-Earth products, as Mintel states it, and companies will make the transition from innovation from the past year to more practical, green beauty products.

As practical green beauty takes hold of the natural health and beauty industry, companies need to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious of their products, and most importantly how they are made. Gone is the time when companies could irresponsibly use natural raw materials without consequences.  While companies take bigger strides towards environmentally friendly business practices, more so than ever they need to manage price pressure due to varying supply and demand of natural and organic raw materials. This will prove to be an important focus and trend for years to come.

Green chemistry is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. And it is happening right before our eyes. Companies are finding ways to replace synthetic ingredients with equally effective natural or organic materials. Potentially harmful or toxic ingredients are now taboo and consumers are the driving force for the push towards natural ingredients.  Therefore, free-from formulas—a key trend in 2010—will continue to evolve.

In 2010, Mintel recorded 13% of new skincare, hair care and cosmetics made the paraben-free claim (up 5% from 2008). Also in 2010, almost 9% of new skincare, hair care and cosmetics made the organic claim (twice as many as in 2007); the all-natural claim was found in fewer than 3% of launches in 2010.

But just because the product is natural or is free-from harmful chemicals does not mean the product will be a success. A key trend that will continue to persist is companies matching their natural or organic rhetoric with claims of maximum efficacy. And as green chemistry continues to improve, natural efficacy will no longer be contentious as the results have already begun to speak for themselves.

Since the consumer base for natural and organic health and beauty products continues to grow, companies are looking for new channels to reach their target customer. This has led to a significant shift in outlet patterns towards mass market retailers where they can easily reach a much wider demographic.  Look for this trend to become even more evident in 2011.

Other trends that are expected to rise in 2011 are a renewed emphasis on sustainable packaging to minimize waster and eco-footprint, increased anti-ageing claims, and simplified brand stories focusing on their naturally sourced ingredients.

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