Eco Vision Biodegradable Cosmetics Jar Awarded U.S. Patent

Biodegradable cosmetic packagingEco Vision, a biodegradable and sustainable packaging manufacturer, was awarded a U.S. patent for its biodegradable cosmetics jar.

The patent, issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, is the second one received by Eco Vision in two years, the first was for the Eco Tube.

The company aims to provide manufacturers with eco-friendly packaging solutions that can meet the rising demand of ethical consumerism.

Ellery West, one of the inventors and President of Eco Vision, said, “The Eco Jar, literally a jar within a jar, provides superior product protection. It maintains package integrity even in cases of rough handling, particularly for products subject to leakage. By integrating compostable barrier films and coatings, the Eco Jar meets the packaging requirements for foods, cosmetics, personal care, and many industrial products.”

The entire package, from the label to the adhesive, is biodegradable and made from 100% certified post-consumer waste paper, biodegradable adhesives and coats, and can be printed with soy inks. Eco Vision’s sister company, Organic Essence, packages their products with the patented solutions, and even more, the products themselves are made with fair trade and certified organic ingredients.

High Production Costs & an Innovation Solution

However noble their effort, the biodegradable packaging does have a downside; high production costs due to low volumes and antiquated production methods.

To overcome this barrier to widespread adoption, the inventors have developed a new technology that vastly simplifies production. This new invention reduces costs for all types of paper canisters manufactured completely with paper.

According to Eco Vision, if their innovative production methods are adopted, the entire consumer goods packaging industry can provide affordable and compostable fiber-based solutions.

In the past, beauty brands and manufacturers have been reluctant to introduce paper-based canister packages into their product lines because of inadequate or ineffective means of resealing the lid. Without the ability to reseal, the package would not support a product that requires multiple open and close cycles, like a cream or lip balm.

West claims that, “Eco Vision has solved this problem by designing multiple solutions that allow paper canisters to be opened and closed, as many as five thousand times or more. Referred to as the Eco Vitamin Bottle, the package still retains moisture, oxygen, and aroma barrier properties. Brand marketers can select and configure these solutions for many different formulations including color cosmetics, foods, and of course, vitamins and supplements.”

Eco Vision won a Green Packy Award at the Natural Foods Expo in 2010, and was the chosen winner in the Green packaging category at the 10th Annual International Package Design Awards.

The complete line of renewable, biodegradable packaging solutions offered by Eco Vision include: paper-based jars and bottles; bottles and sealing solutions; novel pump dispenser and paper-based closures; and produce baskets.

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