New Natural Extracts Deliver Younger Looking Skin

anti-aging natural extractsNaturally-derived skin care ingredients targeting the anti-aging arena have been launched by International Specialty Products (ISP), a personal care and cosmetic ingredient supplier. These patent-pending bioelements can be formulated into a variety of creams, lotions, serums and other products. The new ingredients are positioned as a cost effective solution that can be applied to products sold to the masses.

The new line of ingredients, Natriance™, includes a Hydrator, Destresser and Brightener, which claim to provide better moisturization, added UV protection, preserving properties and brightening capability. These anti-aging skin care properties have been traditionally associated with premium and more expensive products.

Each of the three ingredients is based on a natural extract, which the company says is awaiting both patents and Ecocert certification. The natural extracts rely on rice bran for the Destresser, pea for the Hydrator and yeast for the Brightener product.

“These extracts are bioelements from natural sources and are derived from the active portion of the material by a natural process,” said Anna Gripp, senior director, global marketing , ISP Personal Care. “The product range targets the fact that companies want to achieve better performance from their skin care products, while keeping them as natural as possible and keeping formulation costs down.”

Natriance™ Destresser helps to preserve skin appearance by addressing internal and external factors that may accelerate the signs of aging. This bran extract (oryza sativa) boosts energy and fights oxidative stress. It also has been shown ex-vivo to help minimize damage caused by UV exposure. It is ideal for skin creams and lotions, sun care products and color cosmetics.

A key requirement for preserving skin is ensuring it is well hydrated, and Natriance™ Hydrator is an excellent hydration promoter. A bioelement derived from pea, it helps boost filaggrin expression in-vitro to favor the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) to improve hydration and the skin barrier.  The result is smoother looking skin with a renewed tone.

Natriance™ Brightener, a yeast extract, answers that call by targeting melanocytes, which with age can become erratic and overproduce pigments that lead to dark spots. Rich in essential amino acids and small peptides, Brightener helps skin achieve a brighter tone.

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