Lily Organics Becomes USDA Organic Certified

Lily_logo new1.pngOrganic certification is a covenanted price these days in the era of “green-washing,” and Lily Organics is doing a good job setting precedent on what personal care products can strive to achieve in the natural and organic health and beauty market.

Lily Organics, a manufacturer of their own skin care line, received three USDA certifications.

  1. USDA certified organic farm.
  2. USDA certified organic processor and handler for the laboratory
  3. USDA certified organic skin care product.

The rigorous process is time consuming and costly, but both consumer and company alike reap the benefits. With the certification in the limelight, quality, purity and authenticity can be guaranteed at Lily Organics. Third party certification provides documentation for the consumer that this product is the genuine article.

Lily Organics has been at the forefront of organic skin care for nearly 25 years.  The company’s handcrafted products are sold to Vitamin Cottage, Wild Oats, and Whole Foods.

The following is quoted from the Lily Organics Web site:

“Lily Organics believes that Mother Nature is the best cure for Father time.  We believe that monitering quality control from Seed to Shelf, provides us with the ablilty to make the best skin care product on planet Earth.  Being a 7th generation American grower, and growing our own ingredients gives us a quality that no other skin care company can duplicate.  We make them up fresh, in our own FDA inspected lab, every week to insure the freshest facial care line you can get in the world.  We make a complete facial care line for Sensitive Skin, Dry/Mature Skin, and for Normal/Oily Skin.”

Now consumers can rest assure the origins of the ingredients in Lily Organic products. The USDA organic certification process uses some of the most stringent guidelines in the world.   Lily Organics is proud to use own locally grow ingredients without wasteful packaging.

For more information about Lily Organics visit their Web site:

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