Organic Skin Care Oils Sourced from Around the World

organic esstential oilsAura Cacia introduced five new essential oils into their line of aromatherapy products. According to Aura Cacia, the oils have been sustainably sourced from around the world and are certified organic through the USDA’s National Organic Program.

The five products include:

  • Argan oil, extracted from the nuts of a native desert tree in Morocco, is valued for its high levels of skin rejuvenating essential fatty acids providing moisture and nourishment for the skin.
  • Baobab oil, extracted from the nuts of an indigenous African tree, is regarded as a nutritious food for the skin, excellent for use in massage or for intense moisturizing.
  • Macadamia nut oil, cultivated in Kenya and appreciated for its rich texture and nutrifying coverage, provides excellent skin protection via skin-shielding emollients.
  • Rosehip oil, extracted from the seeds of roses from Chile, is a potent skin-rejuvenator containing pure retinol (Vitamin A) which is best known for replenishing and restoring skin.
  • Tamanu oil, extracted from the fruit of trees growing throughout the South Pacific, offers purifying, protecting body oil with a dense array of powerful essential fatty acids.

Each essential oil is packaged in one ounce glass bottles with a pump dispenser and is minimally refined in effort to ensure that the natural fatty acids and other key nutrients for the skin remain intact.

“We’re excited to bring such exquisite oils to the marketplace, sourced with integrity and quality from farmers committed to sustainable and ethical agricultural practices,” says Jane Merten, Aura Cacia’s Senior Brand Manager. “These particular seed and nut oils offer a wide variety of benefits from skin protection to every day nurturing to powerful, concentrated support for specific skin care needs.”

The five new oils can be used alone or combined with other essential oils to provide additional therapeutic benefits.

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