Sanex Natur Protect: A Natural Choice

prod_535With all the different deodorants in the market and all the information about them containing harmful ingredients…Do you ever wish you had a natural product that was safe for your entire family? Sanex Natur Protect deodorant offers a more effective and natural option compared to the protection obtained from conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants. The reason is that it contains Alum, which is a 100 % natural mineral stone composed of potassium sulphate and other mineral salts. This deodorant does not contain any harsh materials, chemicals or other potentially harmful ingredients such as aluminum chlorohydrate or Parabens, formaldehyde, talc, butane, propane and propylene glycol; which are commonly found in regular deodorants. It does not contain perfumes, oils, emulsified alcohol or propellants. Other positive aspects of natural alum is that it will not irritate sensitive skin, stain clothing and it is not greasy or sticky. Why is natural alum so effective? This natural mineral product does not clog pores or cover-up body odor, it actually inhibits bacterial growth in your body, helping to regulate perspiration as well as control odor. This is the same bacterial growth which causes bad odors. Another important aspect is that alum is not aluminum. They are two completely different substances, with distinct chemical properties. Alum is completely safe to use and will ot be absorbed by the body as it occurs with potentially harmful ingredients. lipstick The good news is that many companies are understanding the importance of using natural ingredients in their products. Other companies, among them L’Occitane, are also using Alum in their deodorants. Here’s the link to the Sanex Natur Protect ad, just copy and paste it into your web-browser:

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