Mineral Makeup – The Next Big Craze

Given celebrities’ continual exposure to media, paparazzi, bad lighting, chemical peels, and the likes of, they are always looking for the next big thing in looking better and younger—at whatever cost. The next big craze – mineral makeup, and Madonna, Paris Hilton, Julia Roberts all swear by it.

Made from finely milled natural minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc, mineral makeup is being touted as not only better than chemical-based products, but healthier, too: Its mineral content acts as a built-in waterproof SPF, and is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, non-bacterial since minerals are inert and won’t clog pores.

Makeup is not supposed to cause harm. But that is exactly what some chemical laden cosmetics do. Comedogenic and allergienic indgerdeients are regularly included in the ingredients of commonly used cosmetics. Especially those who have had cosmetic procedures, are acne-prone, or have sensitive skin should not use chemical rich cosmetics.

Like “organic” and “natural,” “mineral” makeup is increasingly divided between manufacturers of actual mineral makeups and those who only claim to be made from pure minerals. The problem partly lies with the mineral makeup industry itself. The certifications and standards of what is truly mineral based is not heavily regulated or monitored, and is therefore relatively easy for a product to claim it is made from minerals.

Mineral makeup only has to have some content of minerals, but how much is in there really varies. While superior quality mineral makeup are as close to pure as possible, other impostors use fillers, colouring and dyes.

A good way to tell if the makeup is derived from pure minerals is to look for boron nitride (for coverage and adhesion), kaolin clay (high absorbency and adhesion), micronized titanium dioxide (for translucency and UV protection) and mica (for shine) in its ingredients. Some also contain vitamins A, C and E, which works for a range of skin issues.

And the great thing about mineral makeup, is that the minerals are finely ground, and act like millions of tiny mirrors, reflecting light off the skin to give it the trademark luminescent glow. Without fillers found in non-mineral makeup, the natural colors are more concentrated, making it an effective cover-up, foundation, powder and sunscreen.

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