Natural Beauty Summit 2009, November 23rd and 24th in Paris

Logo_BBP_general_2009_QIt’s time for The Natural Beauty Summit Paris 2009.

It is considered a touchstone event for representatives of this industry and  has dealt with, since it’s founding in 2007, major international developments of the cosmetic industry in terms of natural products and sustainable development.

This year’s fourth  Natural Beauty Summit  Europe will take place on November 23rd and  24th in Paris at the Pullman Hotel. This time the event includes a two day conference on the 23rd and 24th and a half-day workshop that promises to be an interactive session on the 25th (seats are limited for the workshop).

Important issues will be covered at this November’s Natural Beauty Summit Among the topics to be discussed …certification standards for Natural and Organic Cosmetics and certification,  product formulation and development, ingredients and sourcing, sustainable development, marketing and distribution, and investment issues.

The Natural Beauty Summit will emphasize on standards, specially, a comparison between NaTrue and the recently published Cosmos standard. This summit will most certainly provide a wonderful and enlightening experience that will benefit organizations’ developments and  future projects as well as opportunities to share experiences and to network. It will be a chance for experts in the industry and for different international brands to exchange information on the best practices known and help each other travel new roads towards growth.

In previous years, the Natural Beauty Summit in Europe received more than 150 to 200 executives from the beauty industry. This audience was composed of representatives form many different nationalities (38.5% from France, 15.6% from the U.K, 10% from German, 7.5% from the United States and 28.5% from 25 other countries) and many different competencies (28% are CEO/ General Manager, 30% are in Marketing, 24% in operations and 18% in R & D.

This year’s summit raises questions during day 1 and day 2 such as:
•     How mainstream are the “green living” consumer expectations?
•    What are the new distribution channels for natural brands?
•    What perspectives beyond organic are “sustainable” and “responsible” the new standards? What certification for these standards?
•    What is today’s take on dangerous ingredients?
•    What are new “green” ingredients?
•    How can a brand develop an eco-conception attitude?

These questions will be answered covering topics such as:
•    The Natural Beauty Market and its Consumers: facts, figures and recent trends
•    Evolutions in beauty consumption patterns.
•    The label issue. Making a complex world simple: a comparison of all labels.
•    Round table: Why Certify?
•    The Ingredients Issue. Personal Care Ingredients: going Green.
•    Beyond Organics: The Eco-Conception Issue

All these topics and more will be discussed at the Natural Beauty Summit.

On the 3rd day, attendees will have the pleasure of attending the Sustainable Development Workshop. Which will answer questions like:

•    How can we integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into strategy?
•    How can we increase innovation and good sense while respecting our commitments and creating competitive differentiation?

The main attraction for the Natural Beauty Summit are in fact the panel of illustrious and well-known speakers and the very dynamic program that will definitely keep you informed and will certainly inspire you as they share their knowledge in different topics referring to the beauty an natural cosmetics industry.

Please pay close attention to the fact that the summit will be translated from English to French.

Keep in mind that the program is updated on a daily basis. For updates please visit

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