Now Men Can Use Organic Cosmetics Too

With the evolution of the metro-sexual male a new market has evolved.  The fashion industry and cosmetics alike have begun expanding, changing and developing new products and brands specifically created to target the fashion/beauty conscious male.

Ten years ago if you told me that men were using beauty products, or spending $200 on a pair of jeans I would probably laugh, or maybe say, “only in Hollywood.” But not now, it is quite the opposite.

Metro-sexual males, once a fad, are now becoming the norm.  And the name, metro-sexual, is slowly fading away as the once associated traits are becoming common practice by the well healed, fashionable male.

With that said, a new fad has begun, and hopefully this will also evolve into the norm as it carries significant benefits for both the consumer and the world — organic products.  The shelves of your local supermarket or department store are stocked with 100’s of organic labeled products accompanied with a seal of approval.  And the same goes for cosmetics.

So now that we have two new markets, the metro-sexual male, and organic products, it is only logically that the two combine to form a newly popular niche market – organic cosmetics for men.  I did a little investigating as I was curious to see just how many different organic cosmetics were being sold at a high end national department store and I counted about 100 different products, of which only a few were specifically for women.  They ranged from body lotions, serums, facial cleansers, moisturizers, to shaving creams and gels, after shaves and deodorants.

It is safe to say that there is no shortage of organic male cosmetics available in today’s market.  And I predict, and hope as well, that as environmental concerns start having a greater impact on the way our products are made and bought, organic products, including organic cosmetics, will become increasingly popular.  And with the advancement of modern science and technologies, manufactures will find cost effective organic alternatives to their chemical counterpart in order to persuade the profit driven mega brands to follow suit and enter the organic market.

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  1. Kasekage says:

    Hi ~ I am deeply instreteed in this webinar. But I won’t know my schedule until a week or two before. Will there be a recording? I got instreteed in clearing chemicals just before getting diagnosed. I live as clean and green as possible now. And hope more people learn about all the possible things they can do, especially chemical exposure, to reduce risk. BTW, Sandra Steingraber is a great author to check on chemicals in general. A great documentary (more on environmental as in chemicals in the outer environment, not personal environment) is Living Downstream Thanks for the efforts to educate and clear the chemicals also!

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