Organic Monitor to Host First-Ever Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in North America

USDA organicConsumer confusion about natural and organic labels and standards, and the increased demand by retailers for third party verification has led Organic Monitor to host its first-ever Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in North America next month.

The event, hosted alongside the HBA Expo, will take place in New York on 29-30th Septmeber. The Masterclass aims to de-mystify natural & organic cosmetic standards for personal care and ingredient firms.

The natural personal care products industry is seeing a new trend where retailers are demanding certified products in response to consumer confusion about natural and organic beauty products. The use of the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ is presently unregulated, which has caused manufactures to verify the origins of their products via independent third party certifications, such as the one issued by the Natural Products Association.

The new trend is highlighted by the fact that Whole Foods Market, the world’s largest natural product retailer, will only be marketing certified organic personal care products next year.

Retailers and manufacturers alike are making a new found commitment to third party verification schemes. In Europe too natural and organic retailers require certification to be considered for sale in stores. The same is true for some retailers in Asia, such as a leading natural food retailer, Country Farm.

In order to combat a large number of products that market on false natural and organic claims, Organic Monitor’s new Masterclass helps companies take the certification route and look at the practical implications of natural and organic cosmetic standards.

Some brands are using organic ingredients to promote their products as ‘organic’, although the formulation remains far from entirely organic. Organic Monitor will be critically reviewing the various natural and organic cosmetic standards in North American and other regions to provide clarity and transparency on ‘natural’ personal care products.

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