Proctor and Gamble Sets New Sustainability Goals

proctor and gamble sustainabilityProcter and Gamble (P&G) announced today a new commitment to sustainability by unveiling a long-term environmental sustainability vision.  P&G has released specific goals it aims to achieve in the next decade while annually analyzing its progress.

The new environmental sustainability vision includes the following goals:

  • Powering its plants with 100% renewable energy
  • Using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging
  • Having zero consumer and manufacturing waste go to landfills
  • Designing products that delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources

These goals will provide a framework for future P&G decision making in order for the company to grow responsibly in an environmental friendly manner.

To enable the Company to track progress against its long-term sustainability vision, P&G will implement a series of 10-year sustainability goals. As this vision will take decades to achieve, these near-term goals will be used to focus Company efforts, incrementally improve the organization’s environmental performance, and hold P&G accountable against its stated, long-term sustainability vision. The first set of 10-year sustainability goals will be delivered by 2020 and are in addition to their existing 2012 goals.

The goals will reach across all P&G brands, including more than 30 beauty and grooming brands like Gillette, Olay and Secret. A notably goal for Natural Cosmetic News that I think our readers will appreciate is the announcement to replace petroleum-based materials with sustainably sourced renewable materials by 25% by 2020. Another goal which will affect their products is the reduction of packaging per consumer use by 20%.

P&G is also researching consumer solid waste. As a manufacturer of consumer goods, waste from their products often ends up in landfills. The company plans to initiate a pilot program to learn more about eliminating the amount of consumer waste that ends in landfills. The pilot program will be launched in both existing and developing markets by 2020.
Other 2020 goals detailed in this week’s update include a reduction in truck transportation, a reduction of manufacturing waste, and an increase in the amount of cold-water laundry loads by its consumers.

Effectively consuming only renewable energy is not a task that can be completed overnight, let alone in 10 years, for a company of more than 80 brands. P&G has set an incremental goal of 30% renewable energy use by 2020.

P&G is not alone in implementing their vision.  They are working with such organizations as the World Wildlife Fund to successful reach their goals.  With population growth expected to reach 9 billion in 2020, it is up to mega companies like P&G to lead the way to environmental sustainability.  As long as technological innovation continues to advance, solutions to environmental sustainability will evolve and progress will be made.

Which company is next?

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