Crystal Deodorant Now Sold at all Walmart Locations

Walmart is diversifying and gaining access to the green consumer by offering crystal deodorant in all 3,747 U.S. Walmart locations. The crystal deodorant brand, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, has already been in select Walmart stores for nearly two decades, but this is the first time that the roll-on crystal deodorant will be available in all […]

The Most Effective Natural Deodorant Ingredient – Potassium Alum

The natural personal care market is now outperforming the growth of the traditional market. Companies are expanding their product line and are offering new natural products to capture the mounting interest of green consumers. One product showing a significant rise in popularity is natural deodorant. But is being natural enough to win over consumers? To […]

Dangerous Chemicals in Deodorant & Antiperspirant: A Detailed Review of the Chemicals, Research & Avoidance Tips

The personal care industry has been hijacked by misleading messages and outright false advertising. More concerning is that companies are putting their profits before the health and well-being of their consumers. While the FDA is slow to react and enforce regulation that could ban harmful ingredients, consumers continue to use their “trusted” products. Deodorants and […]