COSMOS-standard for Natural & Organic Cosmetic Certification is Launched

The COSMOS-standard certification was officially launched at the Biofach in February. The COSMOS-standard is a new cosmetic certification developed to harmonize various certifications and labels in order to create one standard that is internationally recognized for natural and organic cosmetics. The new certification is a result of Europe’s leading natural cosmetic certifiers coming together and […]

Organic Monitor to Host First-Ever Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in North America

Consumer confusion about natural and organic labels and standards, and the increased demand by retailers for third party verification has led Organic Monitor to host its first-ever Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in North America next month. The event, hosted alongside the HBA Expo, will take place in New York on 29-30th Septmeber. The Masterclass aims to […]

International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Standards Harmonize

Today, cosmetic companies around the world seek to describe their products as organic, yet there is no international certification standard to back their claims. But a big step in the right direction was taken last month with the creation of a not-for-profit international association. By the end of 2014 Cosmos, or the COSMetic Organic Standard, […]

6 Steps to Verify a Natural Label

Marketers and manufacturers are working overtime to deceive consumers and trick them into thinking that a product is natural, all natural, pure, chemical free, or fragrance free, while the product is actually full of chemicals.  However, it is true that many natural products do include natural ingredients, but usually in part with other unnatural ingredients.  […]