Watch Out For Synthetic Preservatives!

Preservatives are added to food and cosmetics to increase their shelf life and to help protect them form microbial growth.The ones we should be extremely worried about are preservatives, foaming agents, and binding ingredients, which includes parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungus in moisture based contents which can […]

Preservatives in Cosmetics: Natural vs. Synthetic

First lets analyze what a preservative really is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a preservative is an “additive used to protect against decay, discoloration or spoilage”.  Other dictionaries call a preservative a “chemical substance used to preserve foods or other organic materials from decomposition or fermentation”. So, technically speaking the only way to do this […]

The Most Popular Natural Preservatives

Although some may say no preservatives are the best choice, here’s a list of the most popular natural preservatives used today.  Some you might have heard of before, others you might have no idea what they could be used for. Neem Oil – Neem is one of the most powerful oils on the market today. […]