Surfrider Foundation Partners With ECO Skin Care

The Surfrider Foundation has partnered with ECO Skin Care Inc., as its exclusive sunscreen partner. Public concern over the environmental impact of sunscreen has grown, and it is believed that UV absorbing chemicals found in many mainstream sunscreens, including oxybenzone and octymethoxycinnamate, could present dangers to marine life, including coral reefs. Research has shown that […]

TRUE Natural Cosmetics Sunscreen is Awarded NPA Certification

TRUE Natural Cosmetics, a Washington based sun and skin care company, was awarded natural certifications by the Natural Products Association (NPA) for their sunscreen and self-tanner.  The NPA is a US non-profit organization devoted to the natural products industry, and has created a set of guidelines that dictate whether a product can be deemed truly […]

Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

After thirty-two years the FDA has yet to issue its final regulations on sunscreens. All the while consumers are unaware of the potential threats that loom in their “protective” creams and lotions. Yes, sunscreens do prevent sunburns, but beyond that there is surprisingly little evidence to support its safety and efficacy. In 2007 the FDA […]