Natural Cosmetic News now has advertising opportunities available for qualified advertisers. Please review the following information to determine which opportunity is the best fit for your business. Please note we have a limited number of advertisement slots each month

Banner Ad Positions:

  1. Banner (468 x 60) – Horizontal header banner = $150/month
  2. Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) – Top sidebar banner = $150/month
  3. Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) – Bottom sidebar banner = $100/month
  4. Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) – Bottom sidebar banner = $100/month
  5. Small Square (200 x 200) – Footer banner = $25
  6. Small Square (200 x 200) – Footer banner = $25

All advertising banners on the website are rotating on a random basis within their respective position. Banner’s are sold on a monthly basis with unlimited impressions and clicks.  Each banner position has a maximum of 5 other banners in the same position.

For a detailed view of banner ad positions refer to the page layout below.

* Exclusive display is possible for certain banners, subject to a 300% premium.


  • 10% if purchase 3 months
  • 20% if purchase 6 months
  • 30% if purchase 1 year


Gif or jpg; No larger than 150k file size; No sound. Advertisers are responsible for providing their own creative and click-through URL. Banner ads must be clean and must meet the advertising approval of Natural Cosmetic News.

For information regarding site metrics, payment process and general advertising information please contact us.