Organic Monitor Expands Sustainable Cosmetics Summit to Asia

Sustainable cosmetics summitOrganic Monitor announced the first Asia-Pacific edition of its Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will take place in Hong Kong on 7-8th November.

The global summit focuses on the natural and organic beauty industry and aims to help establish products in the region.

According to Organic Monitor, research shows Asia is lagging in terms of production and consumption of natural and organic beauty products. Asia is a leading supplier of natural and organic ingredients, yet the continent has very few companies which manufacture and market natural and organic cosmetics. American and European companies have subsequently entered the market to meet consumer demand.

Organic Monitor believes that the Asian market is falling behind in terms of natural and organic cosmetic production due to the lack of technical known-how and expertise in green formulations. To address this, the summit will cover formulation issues associated with natural and organic cosmetic, as well as review the natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, SLS / SLES, etc.  Furthermore, the summit will review leading natural and organic standards.

The event will also focus on business openings and marketing challenges while highlighting some of the major marketing and distribution obstacles to growth in the Asian market. Market data and key developments in the natural and organic industry will be discussed.  The best practices from leading companies in Europe and North America will be used to provide insight into how to communicate product features to consumers.

The summit will hold multiple seminars with topics including: leading Asian brands in the naturals arena, how to target Chinese consumers, and selecting natural and organic beauty products for retail stores. Also, ayurveda, an ancient Indian philosophy, will be discussed on how it is permeating into natural cosmetics. GfK will share its research on green consumers in Asia and provide insights into buyer behaviour, motives and attitudes towards natural & sustainable products.

Mr. Amarjit Sahota, founder and president of Organic Monitor, comments “natural, organic and sustainability are becoming an integral part of the beauty industry in the western word. We are taking the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit to Asia to show sustainable development should not be confined by geographical boundaries.”

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has previously been held in North America and Europe. The upcoming summit in Asia will be the 5th edition of the international series of events. Registration is required before Aug. 15th.  For more information visit:


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    That is perfect how well this natural cosmetics network work. I am happy for that and also very proud that it has been one year now since I am using only natural cosmetics.

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